Nama Dwi Hartanto (DH), mahasiswa doktoral pada salah satu universitas di Belanda, menjadi tenar akhir-akhir ini. Tenarnya nama yang bersangkutan bukan karena prestasi yang pernah diklaim dan dipublikasikan, tetapi justru paradox atas apa yang selama ini diberitakan tentang DH. Prestasi mentereng, gelar sarjana dari LN, paten di bidang teknologi, prestasi di lomba internasional, dsb ternyata […]

Yeaaay, Survivor again!!! In the 35th season, Survivor back to 18 players who are divided into three tribes: Heroes, Healers, and Hustler. It is like the combination Brain Vs Brawn Vs Beauty format in Season 28 and 32, and White Vs Blue Vs No Collar format in Season 30. Having watched the first two episodes, […]

Well, well, well, Season 34 of Survivor is very startling. I feel a little bit devastated by this season since so many my favorite players went home so early from the game. After Ciera and Tony, two big characters who was highlighted in the promo by CBS, gone in the first and second episode, another big player, […]

Caleb Reynold from Survivor Season 32: Kaoh Rong became the third person voted out from Survivor Game Changers. He only lasted in the island for 9 days, exactly the same days when he was evacuated in Season 32. Here is the most interesting thing in the episode. Swap happened from 2 to 3 tribes. The […]

Survivor Game changer has started, and I can not expect more from this season. In the very first episode, two Game Changers went home. Ciera Eastin lasts only three days in Mamanuca Island, when she became the first person voted out of the game. While, King of Cagayan, and fans favorite Tony Vlachos blemished his […]

“The only person who never been voted out”. That’s what Jeff Probst said when he introduced Sandra as a contestant who will partake in Season 34. The comeback of Queen Sandra is a huge surprise for many survivor fans. As we have already known, Sandra is the only person to win this game twice. She […]

If we talk about Survivor, the name of Tony Vlachos is a legendary. Tony, New Jersey Police officer, won Survivor Season 28 with aggressive game style. He run the show, and sent all people he targeted to the jury. He lied, backstabbed, and flipped, but in the end, he still managed to get 8 votes […]

Lupa sering ditafsirkan sebagai sesuatu yang buruk. Lupa pelajaran saat ujian, maka konsekuensinya pasti buruk. Lupa jalan, kemungkinan nyasar. Tapi banyak manfaat belum kita sadari. Lupa adalah faktor esensial dalam pertumbuhan manusia. Karena hidup tidak selalu sesuai dengan rencana, maka dengan lupa-lah manusia tumbuh dan bertahan. Bukankah Tuhan sangat baik? Ia memberikan lupa kepada manusia […]

Oke, It has been day 27 in Survivor Season 33: Millennials Vs Gen-X, and Jeff Probts have snuffed Nine torches so far. Eleven players left, 6 Gen-X versus 5 Millenials, 8 men versus 3 woman. Here is the Fact. At the beginning of the game, Millennials was in very good position. Millennials faced the tribe […]

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